Friday, July 6, 2012

Cult Nails: Untamed & Big Ruby Nail Tattoos

I have one of my favorites from the upcoming Cult Nails Untamed collection that was created by Maria's, soon to be 13 year old daughter, Coco. (whew that's a mouth full!)

I never would have guessed that a bubble gum pink with multi color shimmer would EVER be a favorite of mine, but Cult Nails polishes seem to have that affect on me. Their Devious Nature (a pink with berry undertones has quickly become one of my go to colors and was a gateway for me to horde, I mean, try all sorts of other pinks).

Untamed (both the name of this polish AND the entire collection of 5 polishes) is a squishy jelly. That means it's sheer and will take more coats to build up to full coverage. Here I used 4.

I topped it off with one of the new Big Ruby nail tattoos from their "Her's" pack. (Speaking of gateways, Big Ruby tattoos were my gateway into stamping!)

The Cult Nails Untamed collection is available on July 11th (Coco's Birthday!) I'll have swatches of the other colors soon...I'm out of remover!!! A HUGE faux pas!!!

*these items were sent to me for review*

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