Monday, May 28, 2012

Pinterest: Miss-Pins

If you're like me, you're obsessed with Pinterest.  While scrolling endlessly though pins (usually recipes that I'd like to try) I often come across someone who's pinned something to the wrong board. I've done it tons of times.  You click 'repin' and swiftly click 'save' without realizing that your newest pin went into the board that your last pin was pinned to.  Sometimes it works out, especially when you've been pinning recipes for the last 30 mins - but once you change to another category and still stay click happy - that's when a Miss-Pin happens.  And that's what I LOVE to see because sometimes they're hilarious!

I come across them so often that I decided to make a pinboard dedicated to them - snarky comments included.

Here's a diagram of a classic Miss-Pin:

See the cute widdle puppy - see that she pinned him to 'FOOD IDEAS'

Here are a few more examples - comments included ;)

Wonder if she likes hers toasted with a schmear?

For making grilled cheese sticks or single strips of bacon

perfect for tea-bagging

If you like these, check out the rest of the board HERE - more will be added & if you find a miss-pin, I'd love to see it!  Send them to me at

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