Monday, January 23, 2012

NOTD: Nubar: Dolcetto w/ WnW Party of Five Glitters

Ok, think I'm getting better at these NOTD posts.  I found a mobile Photoshop app that reduces 'noise' in pictures!  My iPhone takes great pics, but not so much when they're close up, but this looks so much better.

I saw somewhere that you can buy lenses that attach to your iPhone with magnets - there's a macro and a wide angle lens that, if I had the money, I'd be getting right now!  Have any of you seen or used these?

OH btw, speaking of this polish, Dolcetto is one of my favorite purples - it's a deep red toned purple that dries a bit darker than it appears in the bottle.  It's a finicky one too - I need at least 3-4 coats to even it out & sometimes have cuticle drag.  But I've been on the hunt for this exact shade of  purple for a long time, so I don't mind the extra step.

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