Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Revlon: Mistletoe

No, you aren't seeing things.  Yes, this really is a new post!  I've been caught up in life, both good and bad.  I'm not going to get into details, but everything is alright.  In the whirlwind of events, putting together posts was the furthest from my thoughts, but polish certainly wasn't and neither were all of you!  I've been keeping in touch now and then over on Twitter and on the Facebook page. (links to each are on the right as well as to tumblr and my new favorite, Pinterest)

I've been rockin' some super nubs lately.  My nails have been so brittle and have been easily breaking.  One of my thumb nails ended up looking like a mini shark took a bite out of the tip and the crazy thing is, I didn't even feel it!

My right hand (my swatching hand) has about another week or so of recovery, but my rarely seen left hand is doing alright. So today's new lovely, Revlon's Mistletoe is bringing my lefty out of hiding.

I found this at both CVS and at Walgreens in a display of the, must sought after, Lip Butters.  I've heard so much about those lip butters and they must really be something, because at every location I've been to, they're either picked clean or the same candy pink colors are the only ones left.

Mistletoe is a deep evergreen, with blueish charcoal tendencies that's loaded with gold micro glitter.

This went on really easily in 2 coats but be sure to wait a minute or two between coats because I experienced some dragging when I didn't wait long enough.  

I wish I could have gotten a pic of this in full sun, because it's really sparkly when the light hits it - otherwise it's like you see in the pics above.

It did remind me of another popular polish that was out recently, L'Oreal's Owl's Night.  They're both loaded with the same gold glitter but the bases are slightly different.  To show you the differences, I swatched them on a white sheet of paper:

Mistletoe is on the left, Owl's Night is on the right,

If you missed out on Owl's Night, this would be a great alternative.  On the nail, they look very similar but as you can see from the swipes above, they certainly aren't dupes.

OH and I guess it should be mentioned, that earlier this week was my 1 year blog-iversary :)  I can't believe it's been one year since I started this.  I've made so many friends and still can't believe I actually kicked my nail biting habit.  It was and never has been the purpose of this blog to accumulate readers, I'm still beside myself that so many of you are following along - the reason I started my blog was to hold myself accountable, and to seek support in quitting nail biting.  So thank you for joining me and giving me your support - it means the world to me <3

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