Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OPI: Muppets Collection - Swatches & Review

I was surprised when I got a call from Kimberly of Libby's Pink Vanity saying that a local beauty supply store had the Muppets Collection out on display.  I wan't expecting to see them for at least another month! I arrived, in a matter of minutes, hoping the store hadn't realized there was a mistake.  (last I knew, there wasn't an exact release date for this collection. Past holiday collections have had dates of Nov.1 but last year's was bummed up to Oct.1 - so be on the look out, you should start seeing these soon!)

I picked up 8 of the 12 in the collection - and I have 7 to show you today.

I want to start off with my favorite of the bunch, Warm & Fozzie.  This is a surprisingly complex polish.  Is it glitter? Metallic? A Foil? A Duo-Chrome? It has a dark grey base overflowing with tons of very very fine multicolored glitter - the end result is a tarnished bronze look that's dark at the edges. It shines, it glows, it sparkles and is just stunning.  Every time I look at it I see something different.

For how thin the first coat went on, I was surprised it covered so completely in 2 coats.  The swatches I have here are after a whole weekend of wear - I have a little tip wear, but ZERO chips.  These types of polishes always chip on me and this one stayed strong!

Next is Designer...De Better. Oh OPI and your names.  I had a hard time deciding if this was a silver foil or a champagne one - it's right on the line and depending on the lighting can appear silver or a very pale gold.

I think it might be the little orange flecs that give the silver it's warmth (you can see them in the pic below) - it also keeps it interesting and sets it apart from other foils.  It covered fully in 2 coats, but I did 3 to smooth out and hide the imperfections in my nails.  I usually stay away from metallics and foils because they seem to highlight the ridges and divots, no matter what I do - but this one is nice and smooth and didn't show any brush strokes either. 

Excuse Moi! was a surprise favorite!  I wasn't planning on getting this one, but since it was in a combo pack with Rainbow Connection (all the singles of RC were sold out), it ended up being a happy bonus.

This is a strawberry pink jelly with fine silver and pink glitter and slightly larger hex glitter in a rainbow of colors.  This would have made a great summer polish, but I'm happy to have it, no matter the season.  I was surprised this covered in only 2 coats! It dried super gritty and is a top coat eater, so add 2 coats.

The following three polishes, besides the glitter colors, are identical.  They're clear bases with a dominate solid color glitter and large silver hex glitter. They all covered fully in 3 THICK coats.  Each coat dried surprisingly fast and smoother than I expected - though I'd still recommend a top coat.

Gone Gonzo!  I love this shade of blue. I'm glad they didn't make it a standard Primary Color shade of blue. It's unique, just like it's namesake.

I love blue polish, but hate taking it off because it always seems to stain the skin around my nails in the removal process, no matter what I do.  So this is a great way for me to wear blue, because though glitter can be a pain to remove as well, it doesn't stain!

In the following pic, it looks like I have some bare spots, but it's actually some of the silver hex glitter that didn't catch the light just right.

Fresh Frog Of Bel Air a nice standard green, though I have to admit, I wish it were a lighter, chartreuse green like Kermit himself...but knowing that this is a Holiday collection, this bright green fits in nicely with the season.

Divine Swine - one of those colors that freaks my camera out.  It looks more purple here, but is actually a nice magenta.

I liked this one more than I thought I would - and might end up wearing it to a wedding I'm going to next weekend.

The last one I have is a big disappointment for me.  Pepe's Purple Passion.  First of all, it's not purple, it's a deep burgundy wine - but names aside, it's a creme with fine flake glitter in it and unfortunately, the creme is too thick for the flakes to fully shine through.

Not only does the consistency of  the creme base prevent the flakes from shining in all their glory, it ends up enveloping them and dries with a weird lumpy texture that you can see in the picture below.

I wanted to see if I could rescue those poor flakes, so I emptied out some of Pepe's Purple Passion (wow that doesn't sound right...)  and replaced with with some clear polish.  The result is a much smoother, shinier jelly base and yeah, look at those flakies glow!



I'm not sure if I got a dud bottle, but I can only recommend this one if you're willing to do some finagling with it by siphoning off about 1/4 of the bottle and adding clear polish back in. If not, then I'd skip it.

I also have Rainbow Connection, but will be doing a comparison post with that and other multi-colored 'party in a bottle' glitters...(if you have any of the others, you can skip Rainbow Connection...unless you're a huge Muppets fan and want it for the name only, like me)

Overall, I think this is a fun little collection, but Warm & Fozzie and Excuse Moi! are the stand outs for me.

As you may know, I'm a puppeteer so I have a huge soft spot for the Muppets.  They are some of the reason that I do what I do and I am proud to call them my friends...no really - I'm not just talking crazy.  I am honored to know the folks behind them...er, under them and I'm so proud of the work they did recently on the movie.  I'm sad I couldn't join them in LA, but can't wait to cheer them on as I watch their names scroll in the credits when the fruits of their handheld labor hits theaters in November.  If you're interested, I included some pics of me and some of the Muppets when I posted the original press pics of this collection [HERE]


  1. Ooh. I LOVE what you did with Pepe's Purple Passion, what a huge difference! So much prettier. I *think* I can pass on the chunky glitters, I love them for their names but I'm not really in love with the polish. However, Warm & Fozzie is STUNNING and I like the depth of Designer...De Better!
    Thank you for the great swatches, Kari! :)

  2. Warm and Fozzy is my MUST HAVE!!!

  3. I like the PEPE one-the rest have too much glitter

  4. I like them all. I wasn't sure about Pepe's Purple Passion but seeing that you saved it with some clear I think I will love it! Thanks!

  5. I can't wait until these show up at my ulta. I need these glitters!

  6. warm fozzie is really amazing =)

  7. I haven't been impressed with this collection from the pictures I've seen so far, but your swatches are making me change my mind. In fact I think I need warm & fozzie! XOXO

  8. Warm and Fozzie is soooo pretty!

  9. Thanks everyone - and YES, if you only get ONE polish from this collection, I'd definitely make sure it was 'Warm & Fozzie'!

  10. Your swatches are fantastic! I love what you did with Pepe, you made a subpar polish wearable!

  11. I love your swatches! :) I think, Warm & Fozzie is my favorite, but the improved version of Pepe looks much better than the original and I like that one too. Thank you for your beautiful pics! :)

  12. I was already soo excited for these colors, seeing these colors I got wayy more excited!! NEED. THESE. POLISHES.


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