Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Essie: Mochacino

I found the retail versions of Essie at Target the other day, as well as the exclusives to that line.  The one that caught my eye was Mochacino.

Yes, I can assure you that is not a typo.  It's spelled M-o-c-h-a-c-i-n-o on the bottle.

Mochaccino - I mean, Mochacino, is a light greige packed with silver shimmer.  I love these polishes, but sometimes all those creams can get a little boring.  Luckily, Essie thinks so too!

Look at all that sparkle!

Mochacino is a smidge darker and warmer than Essie's Chinchilly, as seen below: 

Mochacino on left, Chinchilly on right

If applied thick, this could do well with 2 coats, but I put it on a bit thin and applied a 3rd just to even everything out.

Even though Essie is appearing in places like Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreen's, the quality is the same, the size of the bottle is the same, the convenience is greater and it's a whopping $0.05 cheaper.  (Not sure why, but hey a nickel saved is a nickel earned, right?!?)



  1. I have to admit I am so rarely caught in a "lemming" for Essie but those two colors look gorgeous. I may have to get them.

    I think it's funny what you noted about Essie showing up in drugstores because I was looking at Essie in my CVS the other day thinking "When did this become a Drugstore polish?"

  2. It only happened recently, like in the last month or two. I haven't seen full displays yet at my Walgreen's or CVS', but both Target and Walmart have impressive, full displays. You could almost see the lights shine and hear the birds sing. :)

  3. I usually dont like Essie, but this one is gorgeous :)

  4. Oh wow, this is a really nice color! I honestly didn't look at it much when I saw it in the store, but it looks lovely on.

  5. I'm another one that hasn't found the love with Essie. However, this is one of the most beautiful colors I have seen by them.

  6. Another vote - this is a gorgous colour, I love that the shimmer is so visible

  7. This is really pretty, I don't own too many Essie's, because they are really expensive here..but I'm starting to love them!

  8. I never gave this one a second glance. I actually like the shimmer a lot!

  9. Love this color on you! Looks like a darker version of Orly's Nite Owl....


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