Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Ruby Nail Tattoos

I wasn't planning on showcasing my Lil' Shorties until they grew out a bit more, but I discovered something so awesome, I couldn't wait to show you.  

I found these awesome nail art 'tattoos' by big Ruby online.  They offer 6 different themed packs: Cosmic, Garden, Mod, Sea, Star & Tweet @ $12.00 each, plus a Super Dry Top Coat for $9.95.  The designs are simple - they're one color each, they aren't sparkley, they aren't textured - they're just simple, fun and classy.  

Here's what Maria says about starting big Ruby:

After being unable to find simple nail art that was affordable and chic, I decided to create my own.  Don’t get me wrong... there's plenty of nail art out there.  However, most of it is either for children or so over the top that I’d have felt like a fool wearing it.  I mean seriously, grown women wearing a handful of metallic cheetah print nails!  I'm a 30-something housewife people, not a brothel keeper... but I digress.

Great ideas AND a great sense of humor ~ that's a win in my book!  BUT that's not all:
When you buy a bigRuby product, a portion of the proceeds will go to The Kindness Ranch (a sanctuary for research animals) as well as other animal rescues.  bigRuby supports their heroic efforts in protecting those with no voice.Please note: with every bigRuby purchase, you will receive complimentary good karma... just for caring.

So, not only will you look good, but you'll be doing good too! 

I picked out the Mod and Tweet packs.  Each came with 10 different designs, in various sizes.  42 fingernail sized designs and 44 sized for pinkies and big toes ~ that's 86 tats per pack!

Tweet & Mod packs PLUS a bonus Skull & Crossbone pack!

 First is the Tweet pack filled with birds of all shapes and sizes, feathers and included in every pack is, who I assume is big Ruby herself, the logo of big Ruby, an adorable bulldog.

 My second choice was the Mod pack:

To my surprise, I also received a bonus pack containing some skull & crossbones!

 This was on the inside of the skull & crossbones pack and I couldn't resist sharing it

 So, why are they called 'tattoos'? They aren't like permanent ink tattoos but are like the temporary tattoos you might find as a freebie from a promotion or at a theme park or in a vending machine, next to a bubble gum machine,  but they're for your nails instead of your skin!

Easy to follow instructions

I picked out a design from the Mod pack.  Be sure to cut around the design, as close to the design as you can....this helps for proper placement on the nail.

I placed the design over a completely dry nail, and held a moistened cotton ball over it for 15 seconds, then topped it off with 2 coats of top coat, as recommended.  I ended up getting the design just a hair off center.  But look how opaque it is over the purple polish I'm wearing! (more on that polish in another post...)

 I decided to off-set the off-centeredness by adding a humming bird from the Tweet pack. So Cute!

 A side note on the customer service with big Ruby; I ordered my packs on Saturday afternoon and they arrived in the mail on MONDAY!  I had a shipping notification within an hour of placing my order.  WOW!

In the middle of writing this review, I ordered the Garden and Cosmic packs also...


  1. Great review. These seem like great, simple products for some classy ass nail art.
    That's an Urban Outfitters polish right?!! I found a basket of them in a charity shop on the weekend for £1 each so I picked out the last two good colours!


  2. @Sammersaurus ~ it IS. I just discovered them recently and haven't had a chance to review them yet. I'm wearing 'Purple 1' here and I love it!

  3. OMG Soo cute. I love this idea for those days when I just dont feel like stamping. And I love that unlike stikers they lay flat on the nail. Aww little owls!!

  4. @Cris ~ yeah, they lay completely flat! I've tried some of the KISS and Broadway stickers and even with a top coat, you can feel that they're there - not so with these!

  5. These are awesome, and totally up my alley. I stink at nail art, and it's SO hard to find nail stickers/stuff that more on the sophisticated side. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely look into getting these. I love that purple on you too!

  6. I'm right there with you, Stephanie! Let me know what you think if you end up getting some, I'd love to see what you do with them. :D

  7. It has a bird on it. I must have it. Seriously, how awesome are those?!

  8. Oh they are so cute! Love the skull and crossbones! I may just order some of these :)

  9. They look like just the size to put on a nail bed too. Some are just too big for my nails. Very fun designs. Don't you wish a etailers were as great as this one!

  10. These are really cute! I love the look of these. Great review! :)

  11. This is a great review - I'm not sure nail art is my thing but you make it look just gorgeous.


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