Monday, February 21, 2011

OPI: Big Hair...Big Nails

I'm not from Texas, but back in the 90's I had big hair.  I think everyone did.  I don't know where I'm going with this so let's just cut to the chase and highlight another juicy OPI sorbet polish, shall we?!?

Big Hair...Big Nails is a bright orange red.  This is a color I would normally shy away from.  I've never been a fan of anything that leans even slightly orange...but for some reason this and even tangerine hued Y'all Come Back Ya Hear? called to me.

And this baby didn't disappoint!  I had a bit more VNL with this than I did with Houston We Have A Purple, but I fell in love with it so much that I didn't care.  

If OPI keeps releasing these sorbet colors, it's gonna be the death of my wallet.   

Above I mentioned my big hair from days past.  I'm going to spare you pictures of that monstrosity but I have some big nails for you...


  1. OMG I had posted that long nail lady on my fb loool.. It made me throw up in my mouth a little hahaha. This shade looks great on you. I'm excited to see where OPI takes the sorbet finish.

  2. LOL I saw this video about a week or so ago (I think it was on Perez Hilton) and kept forgetting to post it - but figured it would go perfectly with the polish name. Great minds!

    I'm excited and

  3. oops...hit the wrong button.. so here's part 2

    I'm excited and nervous about where OPI is going with these sorbets. Excited because I KNOW I'll love them, but that's what makes me nervous! LOL

  4. This polish looks gorgeous on you! I also am excited to see where OPI takes the sorbet finish ^_^

  5. wow. How crazy are those nails. I wonder if they ever hurt. They shake and giggle.


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